Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main purpose of an HOA?
Generally, an HOA, or Homeowner’s Association protects the property values by maintaining a consistent expectation of appearance throughout the neighborhood. Specific details are included in your governing documents. Every owner is encouraged to read the governing documents to understand the purpose and function of their own HOA.
When are the Fairfield of Plano HOA meetings held?
The Board of Directors meets quarterly to conduct HOA business and address concerns of the community. The notice for upcoming meetings are posted on the website and at the community park. An owner may request to be on the Agenda of a quarterly meeting to address the Board about specific private concerns regarding their account or their property by submitting a request in writing to the management company, Veracity. The annual meeting of Homeowners is a meeting that reviews financials of the HOA, election of officers for the Board of Directors, and community wide issues such as crime and conservation programs.
I received a violation letter, what should I do?
Please read the letter entirely. Most of the clarification owners are seeking is included in the letter. If you need additional time to address a violation or are in need of special consideration, please submit a request in writing to the management company, Veracity.
I want to do a home improvement project, what is the process?
Research the Governing documents, which can be accessed on the website, to check for specific guidelines or restrictions. Download an ACC form from the website. After meeting with your contractor, show them the ACC form. Most companies are familiar with the process of submitting an ACC request. Complete the ACC form with as much detail as possible to ensure quicker processing. Incomplete requests could result in the delay or approval, pending additional information. Please be sure to not commit yourself financially or sign any contracts until the ACC form is approved and make sure to check with the City of Plano for any necessary permits required and/or any city restrictions. Submit the ACC to the management company, Veracity as they will forward request to the ACC committee. Please keep in mind: the committee and the Board of Directors are made up of volunteers, and as they try to review requests and provide approvals quickly, your patience is greatly appreciated.
Does the Fairfield of Plano participate in a Neighborhood Watch Crime program?

There are cameras installed at each entrance of the community, and there has been a recent camera upgrade in which it is easier to get law enforcement the footage they need as long as it is requested within a few days. Please have the Plano police contact the management company, Veracity, to request information. Law enforcement must request the information on the owner’s behalf. Many owners within the community also have cameras installed, therefore it would also be beneficial to speak with your neighbors about any information they may have or anything they may have seen.

The neighborhood crime watch program is only successful if the neighbors communicate, and always call the police if you see anything suspicious. Suspicious activity is considered ANYTHING that is not normal activity.

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