Perennials are becoming more important to gardeners because of their staying power. They are plants you set out once, yet they return year after year for your enjoyment. Perennials are often those plants that can be divided, shared and passed on from generation to generation.

They do best when they are incorporated into the landscape with other plants. While shrubs provide the backbone to your beds, perennials will contribute color at certain times of the year. Mixing groupings of the same type of perennials will give your landscape a nice splash of color. Most often, perennials die back in the Winter and emerge again in the Spring.

You can also use perennials in a “cutting garden.”  Plant a few evergreen shrubs for interest but allow most of the bed for perennials. Select varieties that will bloom at different times of the year so something will always be in bloom. The charm of a “cutting garden” is the fact that it changes month by month, bringing new blooms to enjoy.

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