Board of Directors

Following homeowners are current Board of Directors for Fairfield of Plano Addition Homeowner’s Association:

Nick Nasir – President, term 2019-2021
Darrell Williams – Vice-President, term 2019-2021
Khalid Ishaq – Member at Large, term 2020-2022
Erum Jangda – Treasurer, term 2020-2022
Muhssin Suliman – Secretary, term 2020-2022

Crime Committee Chair – Susan Montoya,

Quarterly Board meetings are held at the Murphy Community Center, 205 N. Murphy Road, Murphy, Texas or via teleconference.  Notices will be posted on this website and at the park for Quarterly meetings, and the annual meeting notice will be mailed to all owners.

Please contact Veracity, Managing Agent at 214-368-3388 with any questions about our community.